Event Details


Bilsborrow Village Hall, Broad Lane, Winmarleigh, Preston PR3 0JY
No bikes inside please!
Please allow 15 minutes to ride to the start from the HQ.

COURSE L101 – L101 club risk assessment

START approximately 700 yards north of the traffic lights on Garstang by-pass at a point in cycle lane on the A6 which is directly opposite Lamp-post No. 423. Proceed north on the A6 to turn by encircling the traffic island at Hampson Green (4.87 miles). Retrace along the A6 through starting point to FINISH at Lamp-post No.411 on east side of road 215 yards north of the traffic lights (10 MILES).


All riders can sign on from 6pm. The events are also “come and try it” for un-attached riders (maximum 3 events can be tried out before you must join a CTT affiliated club). The entry fee is £5.00.

NO REAR LIGHT – NO RIDE – Guidance Note 24 – Jan 2020 (Rear lights) final

All competitors – please be aware of CTT Regulation 14(i):
No competitor shall be permitted to start either a Type A or Type B event unless such competitor has affixed to the rear of their machine a working rear red light, either flashing or constant, that is illuminated and in a position that is clearly visible
to other road users.


For the 2020 PETTS events all riders wishing to qualify for the league must have ridden 8 events but must have also marshalled at least one event. Marshals have been asked to look out for drafting and competitors warming up on the course after start-time, and competitors are asked to report the same.


For PETTS club riders trophies remain as previous years for qualifying male and females, with additional trophies for 1st place male and female non PETTS club riders, these to be named after George Nowland who was instrumental in setting the PETTS up all those years ago.